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Hello. I'M Miller, a New York Based Designer.

    This is my personal portfolio. I'm a designer and majored in new media technology leading to an associate in computer science at LaGuardia community college from New York.

    Throughout my experience, I have succeeded in drawing forward innumerable projects with success.

    I started from childhood to become interested in drawing and express my feelings through drawing. I liked drawing cartoons according to the environment and the way I perceived reality. I learned by myself how to draw houses in the trees, mechanical and architectural drawing, and I drew things accurately.

    When I learned AutoCAD, for me it was another world and I started to get interested in computers as well. Then 3d studio max came and it was there when I thought that someday I would like to offer my experience, knowledge and skills to any company that wants to develop and display a product through virtual reality.

    Nowadays programs like Blender "Free software that can be used for any purpose forever." I can model, apply textures, materials, lights and render a scene with high virtual quality.

    The design has always been linked to my work environment and in all the manufacturing companies where I have worked and led, I have been involved with the design department among others.

    Being organized helped me in my life to manage and plan a project with a logical sequence to finally deliver a good product.

    Design to me is a way of life.

    Miller Robayo's Resume

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